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The distance from Managua International Airport to the property is 315 km. The time of this route is 4 hours and 50 minutes. The last 28 km of the way the road is macadam.
This farm has a flat, semi undulating topography own for cultivation of cocoa and / or ecotourism projects, located on the banks of the majestic Rio San Juan, opposite the mouth of the river shad (a tributary of the San Juan), where it is located the town of tarpon, after the river that bears his name, with approximately 14,000 inhabitants.
Against the estate they are located two major hotels in the area, as are shad and Sabalo Lodge hotel and the pair of the same is located Motel Monte Cristo.These properties are in a process of natural regeneration since more than 20 years continuously, it exists in primary and secondary forests, composed of different tree species, as well as a great biodiversity.
The famous castle of Maria Inmaculada Concepcion, historical relic and tourist reference par excellence is only 30 minutes away by speedboat from the farm in question.
In this place (Sabalo) every year in the month of September fishing tournaments of tarpon and other fish species where the participation has a national and international character are made, since it involves people in different countries who come to visit Nicaragua and especially to meet the Rio San Juan, with its lush forests and natural beauty, as well as animal species that are endangered as is the case of the lizard, cuajipal, the guardatinaja, monkey congo, Sahin and other wild species.
The fertility of these lands allows crops under shade as do: musaceae, chaguite, cafe,cacao, raicilla and all crops that need shade at some point in their development. The land is clay loam, sandy loam and loam franc. These soils have a pH of 3.5 to 7.
In the area of ​​Rio San Juan range of annual rainfall varies between 2300-2700 mm. No problems with the winds because they are controlled by the same trees.
There are ways of communication (land - lake). The placement of these farms, far 45 minutes from the provincial capital San Carlos waterway in motorboat outboard car and 90 minutes by land.
The Area timber production, production of palm oil to produce vegetable oil (Cia. E Chamorro of Nicaragua of Granada), production of citrus, taro, cassava, ginger and mainly Raicilla which is proper cultivation of the river area San Juan.
The river has not prevented any of the companies established in this area, these are called: loggers, ranchers, producers ciiricos, etc .; everything that occurs in this area is mostly exported through the port to Limon in Costa Rica to the world.

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Land conversion measurements

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Loan Calculation

$542,500.00 Property price

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