Sale of Finca in Río San Juan, San Carlos.

Spectacular finca for sale in the municipality of San Carlos, Río San Juan, with an area of 369 blocks that conglomerate 3 adjoining properties: one of 32.5 mzs, another of 175 mzs. and another of 161.59. Characteristics: Boundaries: West and South: Lake Cocibolca (3 kms of coast), East: Santo Domingo River and North: other cattle farms. Soil characteristics: Texture of clay loam soil with moderate drainage, good fertility for the cultivation of improved pastures, flat topography. Exploited Area: The entire farm is exploited for the breeding of livestock, has 54 paddocks whose divisions are made with electric fences (18,130 meters) and barbed wire (10,200 meters). The paddocks have 108 apples of improved pastures (83 mzs. from Para Caribe, 22 mzs. from Mombaza and 3 mzs from Taiwan), 2 apples in a protein bank (black wood, nacedero, mulberry and marango) and 233 apples of natural pastures (tepalón, aceitillo and retana). Infrastructure on the farm: * - Path of penetration of macada land: 3,500 mts. * - Galeron of order: 192 mts. Square * - Water supply: Water battery, filter house, 2 plastic tanks, pipe to paddocks * - Hacienda house: 130 mts. Squares (enclosed area: 74, porch: 23, bricked: 33) * - Mandador's house and workers' camp: 90 mts. Square * - Retaining wall: 135 meters. * - Pier or jetty: 198 mts. Square

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Land conversion measurements

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Construction conversion measures

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Loan Calculation

$720,000.00 Property price

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