Bargain Farm in Río San Juan ID12212

Property owned for 17 years. 45.1 blocks of extension along the San Juan River, with a river front of almost 500 linear meters, at a distance of 2.5 km downstream from the town of El Castillo. Completely reforested, several interior pipes run through the farm. It contains a forest plantation duly registered and registered by INAFOR in 2016, with approximately 9,000 trees planted with the following species: guapinol, mahogany, mountain almond, granadillo, male cedar, oak, bark and medlar. These forest trees have been planted since 2005 and following years, so some are already 17 years old. More than 250 fruit trees: sapote, sonzapote, water pear, coconut, nancite, lemon, oranges, tangerines, sour orange, Chinese sucker and camibar. Additional there are several horses and between 10 to 15 m3 of hardwood (fallen trees and lumber already sawn) available for construction. As infrastructure it has a small caregiver's house of about 40 meters with a bathroom, a water network and a photovoltaic light installation. It also has an additional space with two bathrooms and 2 showers. The water system is through a well of approximately 20 feet, with extraction by pump to an aerial tank and distribution network by gravity. Electrical system with 900 watt solar panels, illuminates the caregiver's house, includes an inverter for 125 watts (requires replacement of batteries and maintenance). Sanitation system using a rotoplast septic tank. It is an ideal farm for a tourist project, a place of family retirement or forestry investment in the medium long term.

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Land conversion measurements

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Construction conversion measures

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Loan Calculation

$230,000.00 Property price

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