Agroforestal land of 502.49 acres for sale in Cárdenas, Rivas.

Agroforestal land with 291.55 for sale in the municipality of Cárdenas, Rivas. It has direct access to the main street with macadán. It has a slightly flat  topography.

The farm has an internal water source, the Ceyland river cross through the property. It also has beautiful wood plantations as Campeche, teak, oak and mahogany.

The property has an altitude of 300 meters and average temperature between 25 and 27 ° C. It rains nine months of the year, from May to January so it has high soil fertility, is a suitable climate for planting.


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Land conversion measurements

  • Manzanas
  • Meters2
  • Varas2
  • Foot2

Construction conversion measures

  • Meters2
  • Foot2

Loan Calculation

$270,000.00 Property price

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