The basic requisites required by banks to grant financing for the purchase of real estate in Nicaragua are the following:
  • Fill and sign the Credit Application by the applicant and guarantor.
  • Copy of identity card of the applicant and guarantor.
  • Salary records detailing service time, position and salary, and last 2 payment butts and INSS of the applicant and guarantor.
  • Bank references and / or bank statements of the last 3 months of another bank.
  • In case of buying in an urbanization, a copy of the premium receipt and contract with the developer must be submitted.
  • The additional legal documents are Copy of property deeds, registration history from 35 years, freedom of lien and updated municipal solvency.
  • In order to estimate the value, an appraisal of the property or land is requested.
  • Copy of Reservation sheet of the developer.
  • Copy of the Contract or Letter of Promise of Purchase Sale that includes: Sale Price, Lot and Description of the property.
  • Life and property insurance in the event of filing a Law Assignment of another insurer, you must present proof of cash payment of the first three installments.
In the case of Nicaraguans residing in the United States or Canada, the following requirements are requested:
  • Income tax for the last 3 years
  • Credit record in the US (citizens or US residents).
  • Bank account statement.
  • United States Passport or Resident ID.
  • Nicaraguan guarantor residing in the country.
In case you have a business of your own or work as an independent worker, the requirements are:
  • Present financial statements of the business for the last 3 months.
  • Updated business RUC.
  • Bank account statements for the last 3 months.
  • Original and copy of the latest IR statements or fixed fee.
  • Original and copies of registration of the business issued by the mayor's office.
  • Credit Card Statements of the last 6 months from another bank.
  • Report of an Authorized Public Accountant, which is authorized by the bank.