Trillo rice located on the road Sebaco, Matagalpa.

Excellent business opportunity. Rice thresher located on the Panamerican highway 98.5 km north near from city of Sebaco, Matagalpa.  Land of 6 blocks. 

Capacity to process 100 quintals per hour, more than 2,000 sq mts of construction. Machinery with few hours of use.

Warehouses for storage of 10.00 quintals of gold rice and 50,000 quintals of rice husks with drying capacity of 1,200 quintals per shift (600 quintals in patio and 600 quintals in furnaces)

Laboratory for classification and sampling, Scale for weighing trucks, 440 V power and capacity of 360 KVA, well for drinking water, air-conditioned offices

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Land conversion measurements

  • Manzanas
  • Meters2
  • Varas2
  • Foot2

Construction conversion measures

  • Meters2
  • Foot2

Loan Calculation

$2,000,000.00 Property price

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