If at some point you have heard the word "list your property", you may not have a notion of its meaning as it is, because it is a term that those of us who are in real estate are more familiar with.

The word list is a term used by real estate agencies, which means nothing more and nothing less than entering your property into the real estate catalog, whether for sale or rent with a real estate agency.

When listing your property, what guarantee do you have?

With Discover Real Estate you have the guarantee of having advertising on social networks and other media, to make the sale or rental of your property faster, more honest, cleaner, get a tenant or buyer who is in rule and that guarantees that this new inhabitant of your real estate has good intentions at the time of carrying out the transaction.

The important thing about listing your property is that it is possible to reach more people interested in your property faster, because real estate agencies have referrals, so it is safer to have greater dissemination of the property in less time.

In addition, by listing your property with us, you will have the opportunity to have a very complete logistical support team, because they are made up of a marketing team that will be in charge of promoting your property on social networks, blogs, newsletters and other media. .

It is important to note that when you list with us you have an administrative team that will be in charge of taking calls, messages and emails from people interested in your property, you also have a team of real estate consultants that will give the most appropriate and professional treatment to the positioning of your real estate.

Does it take a long time or is it too complicated to list my property?

The process is not very long and it is not difficult to list it, you just have to fill in the fields correctly, without leaving loose details, the first thing you are going to do is click on the section in the upper right corner that indicates "List your property" , once you have clicked, it takes you to another page that shows you each section that you must fill out.

Always remember that, to list your property with us, you will find the section on our website www.discovernica.com in the upper right corner / Photo taken by Discover Real Estate

In the fields you will see the most fundamental to list your real estate, such as: General data of the property, these are the type of property, where you will specify if it is an apartment, house, country house, two-story house or townhouse style, land , farm or building. Subsequently, it asks you to indicate the town, its address and to describe it, if it has 2 rooms, how many bathrooms, how many service areas, if it has a terrace or garden, etc.

Then you must indicate the value of the property, whether you are selling or renting, the price of both in dollars, after that you must indicate the measurements of the property, your personal data, you will have to attach photos of the property and then indicate if you want Discover Real Estate places a sign on the property and accepts the terms and conditions, to proceed by clicking on list.

Now you know the term "list" your property and you are more familiar with it, if you are interested in us helping you sell or rent your property.

We share the new listings of the week:

House for sale in Altos de Las Cumbres, 2 floors ID 13116

House for Sale in Residencial los altos de las cumbres, 2 floors / Photography by Discover Real Estate

House for sale in Residencial Las Colinas ID 13115

Beautiful house for sale in Las Colinas, two floors, has 563 meters of construction / Photography by Discover Real Estate

House for sale in the San Sebastián neighborhood ID 13114

House for Sale in the San Sebastián neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, porch, living room, dining room, kitchen, garage for 1 vehicle / Photography by Discover Real Estate

Module for rent in Colonial Los Robles ID 13113

Module for rent in a building located in Los Robles, 138 meters on the ground floor, two private parking spaces, 24-hour security. It has independent offices, conference room, kitchen / Photography by Discover Real Estate

House for sale in Residencial Altos de San Pedro - Carretera Sur ID 13112

House for sale located in residential Altos De San Pedro, totally exclusive, 24 hour security with gate at the entrance / Photography by Discover Real Estate

House for sale in Villa Fontana ID 13111

House for sale strategically located on the Jean Paul Genie Track, in Villa Fontana / Photography by Discover Real Estate

Land for sale in Santo Domingo ID 13110

Land for sale in Santo Domingo, strategically located on the track / Photography by Discover Real Estate

Beautiful house for sale in Lomas de San Juan ID 13109

Beautiful House for Sale in Lomas de San Juan / Photography by Discover Real Estate

House for sale in Bosques de San Isidro, Santo Domingo ID 13108

Spectacular house for sale in the Bosques de San Isidro residential area, Santo Domingo / Photography by Discover Real Estate

Commercial module for rent in Multicentros Las Brisas ID 13106

Commercial module for rent located in Multicentro Las Brisas, it has 1 bathroom, floor, lighting, glass and open space / Photography by Discover Real Estate

We share a video on how to search our website for the properties in which you are interested: Discover Real Estate "Where your Dreams come true".