If you have never heard of the properties that are advertised as "Exclusive", do not worry, that, like you, happened to us at some point. However, when entering this industry we learned what benefits come from allowing a real estate agent to advertise our property exclusively.

The most important thing that we must highlight about the exclusivity when advertising our real estate in real estate is that you will have the guarantee and certainty that your property will have a more aggressive marketing campaign or strategy than usual.

You can see here this land in El Crucero that is part of our list of exclusive Discover properties: LAND FOR SALE IN EL CRUCERO ID 12606.

Photo taken by Discover Real Estate

Exclusive ownership equals more publicity

At Discover Real Estate, we guarantee, as we would say in good nica, to "melt" social networks, with creative, aggressive and assertive content to achieve the results you are looking for.

But, above all, when you trust us with your "Exclusive" property, we promise to provide you with the correct follow-up, which will give you peace and confidence that by leaving your property in our hands, during the period of the exclusivity contract, we will whatever is within our reach and more, to make it sell or rent.

What does it mean to put my property in “Exclusive”?

Placing a property exclusively means that you, together with the advisor, sign an exclusivity agreement, for a certain time, in which the owner agrees to provide the advisor for a period of months or years, the exclusivity to create a marketing strategy, so aggressive that it guarantees that said property is sold as soon as possible, guaranteeing the marketing effort of both the real estate agent and the advisor, to get clients who are sure to bet on the investment opportunity of the owner's property.

This is one of our most recent properties listed in our catalog of exclusive properties, waiting to find the ideal owner: HOUSE FOR SALE IN TERRAZAS DE SANTO DOMINGO.

Photo taken by Discover Real Estate

Exclusivity also leaves a written agreement, in which the owner agrees to let the executive, during the agreed period, be him and only him, who at that time is dedicated to placing the property, but that the word exists ( under legal documentation), that the owner will respect the period and exclusivity agreement, without asking another adviser to sell said property, or sell/rent it on their own.

This property in Reparto Las Palmas, is also part of Discover's list of exclusive properties, which is receiving the strategic follow-up of aggressive marketing, which we promise to owners when listing their property with us: HOUSE FOR SALE IN REPARTO LAS PALMAS ID 10409.

Photo taken by Discover Real Estate

In the event that the owner fails to comply with the agreement signed by both and sells or rents the property through another executive or through his own means, he will likewise pay the commission agreed with the executive that was previously agreed upon, for breach of contract , since the advisor has already invested time, money, work and resources to guarantee successful advertising to the property owner.

Why Discover to place my property exclusively?

At Discover Real Estate we guarantee you an aggressive marketing campaign, whose main objective will help you achieve the goal of positioning the property, reaching all public who are interested in the property.

The campaign to place your property with us exclusively guarantees, from publications on social networks, such as quality photographs, digital advertising, advertising in company blog articles, advertising and recognition in the company's monthly newsletter, advertising on sales, commercial placement through real estate search engines, an exclusive video with drone, video on social networks of the interior of the property, greater care and customer service strategy through social media platforms.

Here we also share a video that explains what you will achieve with Discover Real Estate, by placing sales/rental advertising with us.