Opportunities that you find to live in Carretera a Masaya, Managua

The main road that crosses the New Capital of Nicaragua is called “Carretera a Masaya” that extends from the height difference bridge that is in Tiscapa and goes across all the center of Managua until arriving at the city of Masaya. In this tour we can find many important and well recognized places such as  Continue Reading »

If you want to make a Home Loan to the Bank these are the basic requirements in Nicaragua

The basic requisites required by banks to grant financing for the purchase of real estate in Nicaragua are the following: Fill and sign the Credit Application by the applicant and guarantor. Copy of identity card of the applicant and guarantor. Salary records detailing service time, position and salary, and last 2 payment butts and INSS  Continue Reading »

Parties that must have a Lease Contract if you do it

If you have an unoccupied house and you want to place it for rent, the ideal is to make a Lease Agreement where all the terms of agreements between the owner of the real estate and the client who will rent the property agree. If you choose to elaborate it yourself, then we will let  Continue Reading »

Benefits you get when you hire the services of a Real Estate Advisor

Benefits you get when you hire the services of a Real Estate Advisor A Real Estate Advisor is a professional trained in different legal issues, construction, credit procedures, negotiation, investment and other topics. Which helps us in the intermediation of the purchase, sale or rental of real estate and serves as an intermediary between the  Continue Reading »

Features that Senior Citizens should look for in a New Home.

Features that Senior Citizens should look for in a New Home. Senior citizens who seeking a new home should take into consideration all of their current and future conditions, such as limited mobility, accessibility to areas and the prevention of future accidents. Important characteristics to keep in mind are: Proper lighting in all areas. All  Continue Reading »

The largest commercial projects in Managua will soon be at your disposal!

 If you have constantly been wondering what some of the buildings around the capital are about, then we have information that can be valuable to you, as we will clarify what they are and when they will be ready to be visited. There is an extensive list of buildings, malls, logistics parks, ware houses and offices,  Continue Reading »

5 ways to increase the value of your home at a low cost!

It is time to sell your home, however, the price dictated by your appraisal is not what you expected or the area has decreased its commercial value, if you identify some of this cases, then you are in the search for ideas to increase the price of your home somehow, is not it? If so,  Continue Reading »

I am a foreigner and I want to buy a house in Nicaragua

A great percentage of the people who use our services are from abroad and occasionally they are completely unaware of the process to acquire a property in Nicaragua, so they ask for our advice. That is why we want to give you information about the most essential points that you should take into account if  Continue Reading »

Why my house is not yet sold?

You’ve been wanting to sell your house for months, you’ve posted it on online classifieds or on your own Facebook profile, however, nobody asks for information from the house, so you wonder why nobody wants to buy it? If this is your case, these are some of the reasons why your home has failed to  Continue Reading »

My tenant does not want to leave my house!

Marina owns 2 properties in Managua and gave in loan the second home to her brother Carlos, nevertheless, it was an estimate only for a year and after 20 years in uninterrupted he continues denying to return the house in spite of the verbal insistence of Marina. If this situation seems familiar to you, the  Continue Reading »