You've been wanting to sell your house for months, you've posted it on online classifieds or on your own Facebook profile, however, nobody asks for information from the house, so you wonder why nobody wants to buy it? If this is your case, these are some of the reasons why your home has failed to get a new owner.

No negotiations

Not all of your customers are going to offer you the amount you ask for your property, if you have already made an appraisal, then you should be aware of the prices of the houses in your area and make a small comparison. In addition, you must remember that the value of a house usually goes down or up according to the demand of people, so you can not always be negative with the same price. Talk to your client and try to reach an agreement that benefits both.

Physical conditions of the house

It is possible that you consider your house as perfect, as we all believe, however, the details always count. For example: a broken faucet, a scratched door or a worn key can cost you a customer. That is why, in order not to lose your prospects of clients, we suggest you evaluate how damaged your home is and invest a little in repairing these small details, this way your home will be totally ideal for anyone who visits it.

Terrible photos

The most common mistake of all is to take bad pictures, we assure you that no one wants to see the clothes that are on your patio's clothesline, your children's toys scattered around the room or the dirty kitchen dishes. Also, low quality photos cause the property to lose a certain style and reflect the opposite of a charming home. Make sure your photos have a minimum measurement of 1800 x 1200 pixels and capture each of the spaces.

Bad publicity

In most cases advertising is the key to a sale. Your house can have everything, maybe a swimming pool, terrace and spacious rooms, which makes it a jewel for any tenant, however, if nobody can see it in photos or some kind of pamphlet is as if it did not exist. Also, some people do not like to put signs outside the house for different reasons, but if nobody knows that it is for sale, no one will buy it. On the other hand, posting on Facebook is fine, but your profile will not have more results than you have had so far, ask this task to a real estate advisor who will proceed to promote it among its portfolio of customers with specific interests and will also help to get the best offer on the sale of your home. And since promoting your property in any medium is too expensive, you can contact us at and know our advertising services in the newspaper or our magazine Discover Life Style, which we offer you totally free, with just being our client. The best recommendations we can give you besides avoiding all the errors mentioned above, is to ask for advice at all times for the sale of your house, since a good realtor can assure you determined clients and safe procedures in the shortest possible time.