If you want to make a change in your home, we bring you some tips from interior design specialist Juliette Ghatady who is part of the team of designers of the film festival in Cannes, France. And today She teach us How to customize and generate an atmosphere in the home?

"The House is like the body of a person, where missing add dresses and fix it, thinking about the details of smaller spaces that are at the same time interesting, as there is to find solutions to be creative, especially to ensure that individuals feel comfortable in it," says the designer.

The process of working Interior involves from reconstruction of furniture, the use of colors, integrating technologies and a good study of exterior light and its combination with its interiors to generate a visual poetry.

A very important esthetic element is the use of local materials in the area, where the cultural traditions is respected, modernizing and reinventing their schemes.

"Separate you from the useless things that are in your home, make your space a respite", advises the designer.

So to create the perfect ambience in your home follow these basic Interior design elements:

  1. 1- Natural and artificial light.
  2. 2- The structure of the space.
  3. 3- The creation of multiple spaces in the same area that are not perceived by the human eye.
  4. 4- The use of pieces of art, photographs, prints, paintings, sculptures, installations, crafts and lifeless objects turn into souls to be used.

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