New year, new goals, new tools to connect with the world!

This year 2023 is a year of changes and new opportunities for growth, which is why each member of the Discover Real Estate group works every day to offer you a rewarding and comfortable experience when acquiring our services.

Today we will tell you what our digital transformation consisted of and the process of changing the traditional format to the application of new digital tools in the real estate market.

The digital world has reached the real estate market and social networks were one of the first changes in the game for us real estate agents who were looking for ways to get noticed online and be part of new trends.

From buying Facebook commercial ads to sharing photo albums of new listings, creating profiles on the different social media platforms, maximizing the benefits of our website and showing each property with the illusion that the user is making the journey within it, they have allowed us to build a brand and a booming business such as Discover Real Estate.

Technology not only renews everything it touches, it recently gives a new approach to the experience of buying, renting or selling a property. Because real estate is going through a substantial transformation with the application and use of new digital tools.

Likewise, with the help of digital contextual marketing, we have managed to adapt our website to who visits it and show in a timely manner what the user is looking for or what may interest him.

Here we share step by step how you can enter and generate your search on our website:

First step:

Enter your search engine, type and click on the first result.

Second step:

Choose the search option you want (buy or rent), the type of property you are looking for (houses, 2-story houses, apartments, land, module, etc.) and the apartment in which you want the property.

Also, if you want a more detailed search, you can enter the area and distribution of your interest, the price range you are willing to pay and the number of rooms you want to have in the property.

On the contrary, if it is a property that you viewed on social networks or in our ads you can enter the unique ID number to know more details about it.

In the case of being a property for which you transied, you can look for it with the sign number and thus know all the amenities of this.

Third step:

We present a specific classification of properties, that is, if you are interested in a property located in a safe and exclusive sector you can select Exclusive Properties, Luxury Properties or Condominium Homes.

In the same way, if you want to know properties located on the beach you can directly access the Beach Lands selection.




Every day we seek and strive to offer quality attention and service, that is why we work hand in hand with the trends offered by the new digital world.

Discover Real Estate, we are your best option!