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Municipality San Ramón Matagalpa. 196 apples Altitude between 985 and 1.195 distributed as follows: 20 apples of coffee, 35 apples of stubble, 45 apples of paddock and 96 mountain blocks. Wooden house, 1 camp and 3 houses. a kitchen of waiters. Infrastructure for mounting wet benefit, corral, lagoon, innumerable cracks and water eyes. Infrastructure for PELTON, electricity 3 km from the Rio Púa hydroelectric dam. (The Diamond, located at 3 Km Matiguas). Excellent for growing coffee, vegetables, tubers, flowers, fruit trees, malanga, musaceas, basic grains, dairy and meat cattle, precious wood, ecotourism, hiking, etc. Abundant water all year, flora and fauna.

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Land conversion measurements

  • Manzanas
  • Meters2
  • Varas2
  • Foot2

Construction conversion measures

  • Meters2
  • Foot2

Loan Calculation

$411,600.00 Property price

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