Beautiful agricultural farm for sale of 831 acres road to Tipitapa

Beautiful Agricultural Farm of 478 Manzanas for Sale in Carretera Panamericana Norte, Tipitapa, Managua

❖ Additional Details:❖ The farm is flat at 98% percent in all its extension.❖ Suitable for solar energy projects, industrial parks and warehouses.❖ Fully machinable for industrialized crops.❖ The water is 25 meters deep, nearby farm has a well of 600 gallons per minute.❖ Precipitation for six months a year, between 800 - 1,200 mm of rainwater. Starting at the beginning ofMay and end at the end of October.❖ The type of Earth is 80% Clay and 20% clay loam.❖ Due to its high fertility this property is suitable for Agriculture and Livestock.❖ Agriculture:❖ Pastures: All types of variety.❖ Citrus: Tahiti Lemons, Oranges.❖ Fruits: Avocado, Mangoes, Papayas, Watermelons, Melons, Cacao❖ Vegetables: Pipianes, Ayotes.❖ Grains: Corn, Rice, Beans, Peanuts, Sorghum.❖ Beekeeping and forage and cutting production❖ Livestock:❖ Dairy cattle❖ Foster Cattle❖ Repast or fattening cattle.❖ Sale Price: $ 3,950.00 per Manzana

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Land conversion measurements

  • Manzanas
  • Meters2
  • Varas2
  • Foot2

Construction conversion measures

  • Meters2
  • Foot2

Loan Calculation

$1,888,100.00 Property price

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