Escala Business Center

ESCALA is a business center for modern offices with a leaderly desing. Located in one of the most secure zones and growing areas of Managua City. This building has 8 floors and 2 subterranian areas which allow to gather 200 parking spaces.


Benefits of ESCALA Business Center.

  • Anti-Sysmic Estructural System.
  • Heat Coating and Double Glazing with Insulating Air Chamber to Heat.
  • Four Elevators which one of them is for Service. 
  • Emergency Power Plant - 100% Support. 
  • Tank for Gather Drinking Water with its own Emergency Pumping System and Power Backup. 
  • Emergency Stairs.
  • 24 Hour Security Guard, 365 Days a Year. 
  • Security System with Closed Circuit Cameras.
  • Over 60 Outdoor Parking Spaces. 
  • 100% Access to the Country's Telecommunications Services including Cable TV and Wireless. Also it has the infrastructure for future services. 
  • Independent Power Meters. 
  • Availability of Connection to Fire Alarm Systems.

Topography Estructure:

  1. Parking Area (Basement)

It has 108 parking spaces.

2. Parking Area-LEVEL 2 (Basement)

It has 97 parking spaces.


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